At Vicky's Childcare Centres, we believe that each child is an individual with changing needs, abilities and interests. We offer gentle guidance and encouragement to each child as they progress through the different stages of development.

Miss Vicky believes:

  • that children blossom in a safe and secure environment that is filled with trust and caring.
  • that positive role modeling plays an important part in peer-to-peer development.
  • that a pro-active parent / caregiver relationship is vital to a child's well-being.
  • that nutrition and regular physical exercise are important to a child's well-being and mental growth.

Every hour, we rise above the standards set out by the Government of Alberta Children & Youth Services and the proof is in the children's smiles at the end of the day.

Vicky's Before & After School Care

Hours of Operation: 7am - 6pm

Days of Operation: Monday thru Friday

Subsidy is available to those who qualify. Space is limited. We are accepting registrations.

Picking up from schools including (but not limited to):
Mount Royal, Virginia Park, Ben Calf, Montrose, St. Jerome, Ivor Dent, Beacon Heights, Balwin, Overlanders, Delton and the Suzuki Charter Schools.