Childcare Services

Vicky’s Childcare Centre offers a friendly environment where kids come first!  We encourage children to use their five senses to play, learn and develop friendships. On a daily basis, children have the opportunity to take part in a number of small group activities and creative centres. With Miss Vicky, each child feels respected and valued as an important part of the group.  With group conversations on personal space, polite manners, feelings and sharing, children learn through their peers with gentle guidance and support from our qualified caregivers.

Vicky's Childcare Centre
Hours of Operation: 7am - 6pm
Days of Operation: Monday thru Friday

Before & After School Care
Ages 6+ Years
Registration Required

Ages 3-5 Years
Registered & Drop-In

Subsidy is available to those who qualify.

Picking up from schools including (but not limited to):
Highlands, Virginia Park, Ben Calf, Montrose, St. Jerome, Ivor Dent, Beacon Heights, Balwin, Overlanders, Delton and the Suzuki Charter Schools.

lunchandsnacks2Vicky's Childcare Center offers a commercial kitchen where we prepare and serve nutritious and wholesome snacks and lunches that kids enjoy eating. We ensure that your child has the energy they need to get through the day at their very best.

artOur child care centre offer different centers that focus on artistic abilities.  During the week, children will have the opportunity to paint with tempera paints using a number of different brushes, sponges and even fingers.  Other artistic centers include drawing with colored pencils, crayons and markers and crafting using a variety of materials including pipe cleaners, paper mache, tissue paper and more.  Original artworks come home on a regular basis.

learningChildren at both our before and after school care and our daycare are encouraged daily to work with the alphabet, numbers and colors. Part of our curriculum in the before and after school care is to offer homework assistance so that schoolwork is completed before pick up.  This ensures that your evenings are free to enjoy family time.  Our centre provides the comfort and stillness needed to enjoy a favourite story or author and is rotated on a monthly basis so that exciting new titles are consistently available to our young readers.

musicMiss Vicky loves to play the piano and sing with the children.  An entire area in the before and after school care is dedicated to the making of music and to singing songs together as a group.  In our daycare, there are a number of musical instruments available that children are encouraged to pick up and play.

sportsIn addition to hearty and nutritious snacks and lunches, Miss Vicky believes that children need regular physical exercise to maintain healthy bodies and grow curious minds.  As an avid dancer, Miss Vicky knows the need for movement and encourages body motion and activity using larger muscle groups. We utilize the park during good weather and play fun physical games inside during inclement weather.